Specialist Orthodontists


Finding the best orthodontist for you can be a difficult job! And the best is not always the cheapest as is true with so many other things in life.

We recommend that you go to see a specialist orthodontist. These specialists have had additional training and hold a Masters Degree that specialises in orthodontics. Specialists like this will be looking at your teeth from a wider perspective than many general dentists will. As specialist orthodontists we will be considering face and jaw growth and how that can impact the appearance and the bite. Specialists are able to tackle more complex bite problems which is not possible with the simpler orthodontics available from general dental practitioners.

Whilst a general dentist is capable of working with short-term or limited outcome orthodontics to correct cosmetic problems with the front six teeth, it takes a specialist orthodontist to deal with complex bite problems which may involve moving back teeth and front teeth together in unison.

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