What are Clear Braces?


Our Clearline ® Clear Braces for Teeth in London are our own alternative to some of the other clear braces that are available today. Most other dentists are not specialist orthodontists, and therefore are not able to go to the length and depth of understanding that we, as specialists have in orthodontics and moving teeth.

Due to this specialist knowledge we have been able to develop our own clear tooth movement system for the people of London.

Our own system is slightly softer than some of the clear braces alternatives, this means they are more comfortable to wear and you need less aligners. This means you spend less time at the orthodontist.

Before you commit to anything we will always provide a full braces treatment plan in our London practice, where we will outline the exact cost of clear braces ensuring you are fully aware of the price before we commence treatment.

The specialist orthodontists in our practice have many years experience and have been in our London Orthodontic practice now for many years.

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