A review of our orthodontic practice

This review is provided by one of our patients who brings his daughters to our practice.

"I had been taking my daughters to a local NHS dentist for some years, that dentist referred us to another local NHS orthodontist for advice on the teeth. One of my daughters had an adult eye  tooth which wasn't erupting, meaning she would always have her small baby tooth in that position. She also had rather crooked lower teeth. My other daughter had an underdeveloped lower jaw; her top teeth were actually in the correct place but because her lower jaw was underdeveloped it made her chin look small and her face look as though her top teeth stuck out.

"The orthodontist we first saw kept putting off treatment and we ended up going back every six months only to be told we had to wait another six months. With the girls getting older (16 and 14 now) I was concerned about the social impact on them if they had to have braces in their late teens, so I decided that I would find a private orthodontist in the London area that could help.

"I first heard about Bass Orthodontics from a dentist that I know, I have also worked with them on some other projects and so they seemed like a logical choice to help with my daughters' teeth and jaw problems.

"The initial assessment was very thorough and they took a series of photographs which they used to explain the proposed treatment really well. My daughter's treatment with the crooked teeth was fairly easy to understand as it simply meant her wearing braces for about 20 months. My other daughter, with the underdeveloped lower jawl was more complex. What really impressed me about Bass Orthodontics was the fact that they were primarily considering how her face and smile would look. Her upper teeth were in the correct place, but her lower teeth were too far back due to the small lower jaw. The proposal from the other orthodontist was the commonly proposed treatment, to bring her top teeth backwards; however, this would ultimately change the shape of her face for the worse and make her nose look really big.

"Bass Orthodontics recognise this and use an advanced orthopaedic appliance in this type of case, to bring the lower jaw forward and greatly improve the overall appearance of the face.The treatment is not finished yet but we have seen an enormous improvement in the position of her lower jaw and her profile and consequently her lower teeth are in a much better relationship with her top teeth. The next stage, once her lower jaw is firmly in the correct place, is to have the teeth themselves finally moved just the remaining small amount necessary, so that they all lined up, her bite is working correctly and her smile is perfected. This type of treatment requires much less actual tooth movement, much less time in the fixed braces and avoids tooth extractions in almost every case.

"We are currently about eight months into a 20 month orthodontic program and are delighted with the results and progress so far. Every time we visit we get such a detailed explanation of what is happening, the practice works like clockwork, we never have to wait and the team are so welcoming. I'm in the process of moving house 150 miles away from London and I wouldn't even consider going to another orthodontist, I will make sure that we make the trip back to see Bass Orthodontics every 6 to 8 weeks as requested. I'm looking forward to writing another review once we have finished the treatment, with before and after photographs"

Mark Oborn - 12/07/2013