Am I suitable for Invisalign?

If you live in London and are looking for Invisalign braces, then this is a great question to ask. Invisalign is the modern way that we can gently move teeth to be in a better position. Recently, invisible braces in London have seen a large increase in interest, due in part to the likes of Chris Evans and  Cheryl Cole having invisible braces - for people in the limelight or people that are in front of others for most of the day and don't wish for them to know that they are having their teeth straightened.

Who can have Invisalign?

Invisalign is not suitable for all people and with all cases, if your teeth are severely out of line and perhaps the underlying problem is with your jaw bone, then Invisalign may not be  not for you. If however your teeth have mild to middling amounts of irregularity then Invisalign may just be perfect for you. These are instances when Invisalign works really well:
  1. Crooked front teeth only, often just the second teeth on either side (lateral incisors)
  2. Teeth that have spaces and gaps between them
  3. Rotated teeth in all positions in the mouth

Why do we like Invisalign as Orthodontists in London?

Invisalign is our prefered option for invisible braces as it is:
  1. Invisible, so only you (and us) will know that you are having orthodontics
  2. Gentle and discrete
  3. Removable, so you can take your braces out to eat
  4. You can see what you will look like afterwards with a Clincheck

What is a Clincheck?

This is the amazing 3D video animation from Invisalign, you will actually see your own teeth moving on a computer screen in to their new positions. If you like the new position on the screen then we make your braces to achieve this, if not then we can move the teeth on the computer screen to a position that you do like. We can then make your braces so that your teeth end up in the position you require. Invisalign is an amazing technological advancement in technology and at Bass Orthodontics in the heart of London we often find that it is the treatment of choice.