Children's Orthodontics - When to Start Treatment

This is a question that many parents ask, so in this blog post we thought we would answer your questions. Generally speaking many orthodontists like to wait until most of the tooth and jaw development has taken place, this is often around the early to mid teenage years. There is sometimes nothing especially wrong with waiting until your child reaches this age to start orthodontics, but it does mean that treatment starts later and finishes later, possibly interfering with school exams and heightened social awareness.

Seeing patients young.

If we are able to see your children from a  young age, typically 6 to 7 years old, as a specialist orthodontists we are able to spot potential problems in advance. It is then possible to intervene and begin what is known as preventative orthodontics. This does exactly as the word suggests, and prevents problems arising,  meaning that treatment at a later date is minimised and sometimes not necessary. We prefer to carry out treatment as early as possible

Tooth development.

As your child's teeth develop and erupt, so their jaw changes shape and grows. The principal with early intervention and preventative orthodontics is that we are able to prevent the jaw and teeth from developing in an unnatural way and encourage and guide correct development. Orthopaedic growth guidance of the jaws is only possible at a younger age and can make a dramatic difference to the facial appearance and smile.  

Bringing your child to the orthodontist.

As a specialist orthodontic practice we are fully set up and prepared for seeing children at a young age, we have children's DVDs and in-chair entertainment systems in order to keep them happy and relaxed during their treatment. Of course we are also close to the shopping centre of London, Oxford Street, meaning that you as a parent are able to enjoy some retail therapy whilst your child relaxes with us here at the practice. Bass Orthodontics has been established for many years and offers a wide range of high-quality specialist orthodontic services to the people of London. Please do call us on 0207 508 780 to arrange an appointment for an initial consultation for your child.