How to look after removable braces

Getting  a great smile depends very much upon getting your co-operation and these instructions are designed to help you get the most out of your treatment from our London based Orthodontists. It will take a while to get used to your new brace, and you may find that it causes you to produce more saliva than normal and may affect the way you speak at the start, particularly with words with 'S' in them. Please don't worry, things will soon be back to normal.

Wearing your new Orthodontic Brace

You need to wear your new brace at all times, even when you are asleep. If you don't wear your braces almost all the the time, treatment will be slowed down a great deal and you may not get the straighter tooth orthodontic result you were looking for. You can remove your new brace for sports and swimming. However please ensure you keep your brace safe in the plastic orthodontic appliance box we provide for you. Never put your tooth brace in to a napkin or tissue as it can easily get lost or thrown away.

How to remove a dental brace

Remove the brace by pulling gently from around your back teeth, don't try to remove it from the front as your dental brace is weaker here and you may damage it.

How to clean your new tooth braces

The best way to keep your teeth and brace clean is to brush them gently after every meal - if it's not possible to clean your brace then please rinse it to remove food particles. We suggest you use brace cleaning tablets to give your removable brace a really thorough clean twice per week.

What if your brace breaks?

If your orthodontic brace breaks, continue to wear it if at all possible and contact our orthodontic dental practice in London as soon as you can. Please bring any bits that have broken off with you to your next appointment. Our London based orthodontists have many years experience in helping the local people with their orthodontics, please do get in touch if we can help further.