London Orthodontist Consultation

At Bass Orthodontics we do things differently. As a specialist orthodontic practice we are able to offer a range of treatments that are not available from a regular dentist. Many dentists offer  treatments such as invisible braces and six month smiles, however in order to straighten  the teeth as well and as conveniently as possible , not only in easy cases but in more challenging situations,  a specialist orthodontist is always preferable. The benefits of our practice include:-

  1. Special TV and DVDs for children and our younger patients to enjoy
  2. Specialist status of both of the orthodontists at the practice.
  3. A unique father and son orthodontist team.
  4. Modern technology to assist in diagnosis and treatment.
  5. The ability to see adults as well as children.
  6. Our central London location, enabling parents to go shopping whilst their children are with us.
If you are looking for an orthodontic consultation in London, we suggest you give us a call. You will find that the service and treatment offered at our practice are considered to be among the best in London.