London Orthodontist Starts Invisalign

Bass Orthodontics has been established in the heart of London's West end for many  years. Over these years we have embraced (pardon the pun) modern braces and orthodontic techniques in a variety of ways - all designed to help us treat faces and design smiles in a way that is both comfortable and convenient for our patients. With the latest advancements in computer technology now giving the quality of results that we require for our patients, we are pleased to announce that we will provide Invisalign Almost Invisible Braces.

What Cases are Suitable for Invisalign?
As a specialist orthodontic practice we are able to provide the widest range of treatments for people with the most severe jaw and tooth position problems. Many general dentists that offer Invisalign are not able to complement this high level of service as they don't have specialist training . Invisalign is great for people that want mild to medium movement of their teeth but require it to be done invisibly with no-one else knowing. This is perfect for people in high power or high profile jobs where they are on show all the time, perhaps teachers and professionals required to give presentations. Invisalign is also great for the younger generation that want to have straighter teeth but don't want ayone else to know they are having treatment. So if you go out to a club or a bar with friends then the clear braces can stay in place with no-one else knowing. You'd only need to remove them if you want to eat, so a quick stop to 'powder your nose' can easily sort that one as you will also be provided with a convenient carry case for Invisalign that fits neatly in your pocket. Our orthodontic practice is located a few minutes walk from the Oxford Street area of London and can be reached with a 5 minute walk from London's train network.