Tooth Coloured Ceramic Brackets Braces

For many patients today the thought of having metal train track braces dos not fill them with joy. So in recent years many dental manufacturers have worked to design ceramic bracket for orthodontics. This type of orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth teeth is a fantastic option and an excellent alternative to the conventional metal brackets. They are tooth-coloured, enabling them to blend in with the tooth and appear less noticeable  They are the same in almost every other way to regular metal orthodontics, providing the best of both worlds - highest possible performance and convenience of use but with a much more aesthetic look.

Advantages of ceramic brackets

  1. They have the same orthodontic 'power' and efficiency of conventional metal braces
  2. They are tooth coloured which means they blend in with your natural teeth
  3. Ceramic brackets can be worn by an older patient in a public job as they are less noticeable
Our Specialist Orthodontists in London, Drs Neville and Anton Bass  use these modern alternatives to train track braces to make sure you achieve the best outcome in tooth position, plus making sure that the orthodontics for your teeth are as minimally noticeable. What are Orthodontic Brackets? The ceramic braces from our London based practice are supports or 'ceramic clips' that are glued to your tooth, these clips support the orthodontic wire, which is used to move your teeth to where you want them to be.  Ceramic braces  allow you to have your teeth re-arranged in a more visual acceptable and less intrusive way than conventional metal braces. If you are interested in having your teeth moved with ceramic brackets, the best thing to do is to request an appointment with our London orthodontist, who can then carry out a full assessment and let you know if you are suitable for this amazing treatment.