Why the people of London love ceramic braces

Ceramic brackets are a very popular choice for braces nowadays, but why do the local London people love them so much?

Conventional braces.

The advantage with using conventional train track braces is that there is permanent pressure put on the teeth. This means that tooth movement is rapid and far more controllable as your orthodontist can precisely direct the pressure and movement of each tooth. However, many people feel that these types of metal train track braces are unsightly, and some people are more embarrassed to wear the braces than they are to have crooked teeth!

Invisible braces.

There are many different kinds  of invisible braces and indeed we offer Invisalign and Clearline  which are " invisible" brace. Whilst these invisible braces are excellent in many cases, there are certain times when the amount or direction of tooth movement is simply too much for this approach to be fully successful. In these cases, conventional braces are indicated.

Ceramic braces.

These braces offer the best of both worlds, they give the permanent pressure with precise and direct movement that conventional metal braces offer, but because they are ceramic they blend in with the tooth colour and also offer the advantages of invisible braces. Ceramic braces really do give us the best of both worlds, and this is why the local London people love them so much!

Can I have ceramic braces?

This is a question that can only be answered once you have been in for a consultation. As specialist orthodontists we have a wide variety of treatment options and it may be that we can address your concerns by offering an alternative. The only way to really know for sure is to visit the practice for an  initial orthodontic assessment. After this assessment we will be able to tell if you are suitable for ceramic orthodontic braces.