Orthodontic Retainers

‘What are Retainers?’
There are two types of orthodontic retainer; a removable retainer, which is an almost invisible removable appliance mainly made of plastic; and a fixed retainer, which is a small wire bonded out of sight behind the front teeth. Retainers are used to hold the teeth in their new positions after the braces come off; the gums and bones, as well as the muscles of the lips and cheeks, need a period of time to adapt to the new tooth positions.

Teeth will always tend to move back to their original positions, for several months after the fixed braces are removed, so proper retainer wear is important.

The length of time needed for retainers varies with each individual; most patients at our London orthodontic centre require one year, some up to two years, and occasionally longer. Some change is expected even after this time because of natural growth and development; we often overcorrect tooth positions in order to allow for this.

In the majority of cases a fixed retainer is fitted behind the lower front teeth, until at least one year after the wisdom teeth are no longer a problem; usually around 22 years of age. Many patients prefer to leave retainers in place for much longer, for security and peace of mind!

Orthodontic Retainers from our London based dental practice will help to keep your teeth in perfect alignment after you have had orthodontic treatment.

Teeth will often have a tendency to move once your conventional tooth braces have been removed at our Central London Specialist Orthodontist Dental Centre, so to ensure that your new smile is maintained we fit different types of orthodontic retainers to suit your own requirements after your teeth have been moved.

Please do let us know if you have any specific concerns about the types of retainer and we can discuss if clear retainers or metal retainers are right for you

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