Invisible Braces

We use many less-visible alternatives to traditional metal braces, such as ceramic tooth-coloured fixed braces, lingual braces, almost undetectable removable appliances, see through braces and Clearline® aligners.

We are also licensed to provide Invisalign ®, almost invisible braces.

How Do Invisalign® and Clearline® work?

Both of these invisible brace systems work by providing you with a succession of clear plastic aligners. Each clear aligner works like an invisible brace, gently putting pressure on your teeth and moving them in the desired direction, each aligner moving your teeth a small amount.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

  1. Almost invisible so no-one will know (other than you and us!)
  2. Virtually no interference with your daily life
  3. You can remove them to eat or to socialise
  4. Gentle and effective movement of your teeth
  5. Easy to clean and maintain
  6. Rapid results


What are invisible braces?

Clear or invisible braces are the modern alternative to conventional braces. Invisible Braces London are a series of clear orthodontic aligners that are removable and worn in succession, each moving your teeth a small amount at a time. This technique was made famous by Invisalign ® in London and around the world also.

To start with we calculate the cost of invisible braces in London for you so that you know exactly the Invisalign ® price before we start any treatment, we can then proceed to design your new smile by careful examination of where your teeth need to move to

what are invisible braces

Does Invisalign hurt?

Generally speaking there is no reason why Invisalign clear braces would hurt at all. When your braces are fitted you will find that there is some pressure on your teeth, this is necessary as we are moving them, however mild discomfort is probably the worst you would ever feel.

The Advantages of invisible braces

As we have said invisible braces are an excellent way of straightening teeth for adults, they do however have their limitations. For extreme movement of teeth in patients with complex bite or tooth rotation problems then Invisalign invisible braces may not be possible. As specialist orthodontists we are however able to deal with this kind of extreme orthodontic situation using one of the other techniques available to us.

wearing invisible braces

Choosing an Invisalign dentist in London

Selecting the right dentist to help with your orthodontics is a concern for many patients. Bass orthodontics is a specialist practice, this means we do not see patients for their general dental care, we only see patients for orthodontic braces. This means you are assured of the highest quality care provided by dentists with specialist knowledge and training in moving teeth with invisible orthodontics.

Are there other forms of adult orthodontics similar to Invisalign?

The unique point about Invisalign is that it is invisible. Other orthodontic systems are able to move teeth further and from more severe positions, and some systems are able to move teeth faster than Invisalign. However, some of these other orthodontic systems are far more visible and with adults preferring not to show that they are wearing braces Invisalign becomes the treatment of choice.

One of the other forms of invisible brace is lingual orthodontics. This is where we place the orthodontic brackets and wires on the inside of your teeth, this means that when you smile the braces are not visible. In this respect lingual orthodontics can be classed as invisible braces along with Invisalign.

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