Ceramic Brackets

Ceramic fixed braces are a great alternative to the traditional metal brackets as they are tooth-coloured, allowing them to blend in with the teeth and appear less noticeable. They are the same in almost every other way to metal braces, giving the best of both worlds; maximum efficiency and ease of use but with a much more subtle look.

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Our London Orthodontic centre uses these ceramic brackets to ensure the best result in tooth movement, plus ensure that the braces are as minimally visible as possible


What are Ceramic Bracket Braces?

Our London Ceramic brackets are the 'ceramic clips' that are bonded to your tooth in order to hold the orthodontic wire which moves your teeth in to the new position. Ceramic orthodontic brackets are tooth coloured and allow you to have your teeth straightened in a more aesthetic and less obtrusive way than conventional wire orthodontic braces

At the beginning we will always determine the cost of ceramic brackets braces for you so that you know exactly the price before we commence your orthodontic treatment - this is provided with a full orthodontic treatment plan.

There are a few alternatives to ceramic brackets and at the initial consultation we are happy to talk you through the options that can be suitable for you.

Faith Hill wearing tooth coloured braces

Faith Hill wearing tooth coloured braces

Advantages and Disadvantages of ceramic brackets

Ceramic Braces Advantages

  • They blend in with your natural teeth and are far less visible than conventional orthodontic braces
  • A few people believe that they are more comfortable than conventional metal braces
  • Highly durable and very strong
  • Plus, ceramic braces are often considered more socially acceptable, which is great for people in the public eye around London or indeed younger patients wanting straight teeth.

Ceramic Braces Disadvantages

  • The ligatures which hold the wire onto the brackets (clips) can sometimes stain if you eat lots of curry or red wine
  • The cost of ceramic brackets can often be more than conventional metal braces sometimes treatment can take a little longer
  • Not all treatments are suitable for ceramic braces due to the forces which may need to be applied to the bracket itself

Ceramic braces vs Metal Braces

Generally speaking the uses of ceramic braces and metal braces is the same, although in some cases the orthodontic treatment is not possible with ceramic braces due to the large forces which may have to be applied to the bracket itself. It is worth bearing in mind that your orthodontist will always have your best interests at heart, and sometimes moving the teeth will require the use of metal braces. Patients can often be tempted to not listen to the orthodontists advice, however if your orthodontist tells you that you are not suitable for ceramic braces then it is in your best interest to listen to that advice.

Normally success rates over all with invisible braces are anecdotally lower than with conventional metal braces. This is not due to their inability to perform, rather, it is down to the fact that they are often prescribed when they are not indicated. As specialist orthodontists in London we are here to ensure that you achieve your ultimate goal of a straighter teeth and more confident smile. In the long run it may be better to wear metal braces for a short period of time in order to get the straighter teeth you desire.

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