Crowding Management

We can assess crowded teeth from as young as eight years, sometimes earlier. If left untreated until all the adult teeth have developed, treatment is much more difficult and may necessitate extractions of adult teeth to resolve the crowding. If these problems are diagnosed and treated early with simple appliances to hold space or even create space, extraction of adult teeth is often avoided.

How to fix crowded teeth

One of the best ways to solve the problem of crowded teeth is to start to see the patient as young as possible. As a specialist orthodontic practice in London we have developed our own system whereby we are able to work with the child's jaw as it develops. This means that rather than using corrective surgery or wearing complex braces later on in life we are able to allow the jaw to move the teeth, during its growing phase, into the correct position.

The other problem with fixing crowded teeth later on in life, after the draw has finished growing, is that extractions are often necessary. This is due to the fact that the jaw may be under developed for the size of teeth, this causes the crowding. If we are able to see the patient from a younger age, typically eight years old, we are able to assess the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth.

We can then use our Bass Dynamax appliance to assist the growth of the jaw which will then mean the teeth have the room in which to align, often resulting in no tooth extraction at all.

The key is to get the patient to us as young as possible!

Crowded teeth treatment

As you may imagine the treatment for crowded teeth will involve some form of orthodontic appliance. This could be in the form of braces which are fixed to the teeth, or it could be an appliance which works on an orthopaedic level to adjust and work with the patients growth. This is our specialist area at Bass Orthodontics in London and our reputation is built upon this type of orthopaedic appliance.

Of course not all patients come to us young enough to use such an orthopaedic treatment and so if this happens conventional orthodontics with either invisible, ceramic, metal or lingual braces will be required.

Crowded teeth solutions

As with any form of dentistry one solution is always to do nothing at all! However if teeth are crowded then typically patients are not happy with the aesthetic look of their face and jaw. The other key thing to bear in mind is that crowded teeth are far more difficult to clean than straight teeth.

It is imperative that you clean your teeth twice per day and use floss to clean between the teeth, where it is impossible to reach with a brush. If teeth are crooked and crowded then this flossing can be very difficult as the floss will need to be used in varying angles.

When the teeth are straight flossing becomes much simpler, and subsequently cleaning becomes easier, so people tend to keep their straighter teeth for longer.

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