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Orthodontics in London

At Bass Orthodontics London we specialise in Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopaedics. We are a well established practice, over 25 years at Queen Anne Street, and amongst one of the first specialist Orthodontic practices in the West End. We aim to provide a professional yet relaxed atmosphere for all of our patients and their families. The practice utilises the latest and most advanced technology in Orthodontics, which not only enables us to carry out the very best and most comfortable treatment we can, but also allows for shorter treatment times.

Why you should choose us

12 great reasons reasons why you should choose Bass Orthodontics.

  1. As specialist orthodontists you’ll be offered more choice in the range of treatments provided.
  2. At the initial assessment we will take detailed photographs and measurements so that we can discuss your options together with computer imaging.
  3. You will receive our comprehensive guide to “Everything You Need to Know about Braces”
  4. You will receive a full oral hygiene information pack for patients with orthodontics.
  5. After the fitting of braces a member of our friendly team will call you to ensure everything is okay and offer any advice on getting used to your new braces.
  6. Before every appointment you will receive a friendly SMS or phone reminder to help plan your visit.
  7. All patients opting for metal or fixed braces will receive a complimentary Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush (RRP £69.99)
  8. Orthodontic soothing wax to make braces more comfortable will be provided at each appointment.
  9. Whilst you are waiting you are welcome to enjoy a complimentary cup of our Nespresso Coffee
  10. Free Wifi is available so you can continue working or surfing the Internet at your leisure.
  11. Being close to Oxford Street we are a stones throw away from enjoying a relaxing shopping spree whilst your children are with us.
  12. Free car parking is provided for all patients with prior arrangement.

Download your Complete Guide to Finding the Right Orthodontist

>>>More information about what’s contained in our free guide.

Of course it’s easy for us to say all this, so here’s why our happy patients think you should choose us:

“Dr Bass and his team are professional, warm, thorough and kind. No one could have done a better job, thank you for making me beautiful.” – Natalia C.

“Excellent professional service through out. All staff courteous, professional, efficient. Very unusual to see this in a practice, well done!” – Nathalie S.

“Extremely pleasant and friendly staff. Excellent explanation of treatment and dental care during treatment. Very nice waiting room.” – Rebecca D.

“The pre-treatment explanation and computer images were very helpful. The staff were very good at reinforcing the need for good oral hygiene.” – Rosie O’H parents


Treatment Goals

One of the goals of our treatment will be to develop the best balance and harmony of the facial features in the region of the mouth and jaws and to provide an attractive smile. We consider this of primary importance. Other very important goals are to improve the long term health of the teeth, gums and mouth, and to provide the patient with the most satisfactory dental occlusion.

Dento-Facial Orthopaedics

In many cases, an unsatisfactory smile may be caused by not only the position of the teeth but the underlying bone structure in which the teeth are held. The term orthopaedics is often associated with the specialist medical practice of correcting bones; dento-facial orthopaedics specifically involves the bones of the teeth and face. Jaw growth is modified using unobtrusive and patient friendly appliances to improve the structural disharmony which often underlies the development of a malocclusion (irregular teeth). In the growing child, orthopaedics allows harmony to be restored to the unbalanced face and the most attractive smile to be developed. Occasionally surgery is required to correct the underlying bone structure of the jaws to provide the best result possible.

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