Over 110 5-Star Reviews

“I met Dr Bass when I was in my early twenties just starting out in the music industry. Having an international career which took me all around the world doing tv shows, photo shoots, videos etc meant my smile was very important to me and Dr Bass made me feel he cared and understood my needs and concerns. I had removable braces for a number of months before receiving nighttime retainers. Not only did I leave Dr Bass feeling more confident about my smile, but that I had met some of the loveliest people. Joan at the desk is an absolutely adorable character. Always smiling, professional and caring.

Most recently I returned with my then 10 year son and again received outstanding treatment. I personally had new retainers made and had the lovely opportunity to meet his son Anton Bass whom I found to be cutting edge and a fountain of knowledge. What a great team!
I have never written a online review before, and honestly would not without having the confidence to be able to highly recommend Dr Bass and his team.
My daughter will need braces soon, and I will be returning to no other than Dr Bass! Major thanks to Dr Bass and the team for looking after me and the rest of my family.”

Christopher Bourn

“Dr Anton and Dr Neville Bass did such a great job with my teeth and I’m so pleased with the results. The whole team are very professional, friendly and welcoming and I always look forward to going back for my annual check up see to everyone again. Anton and Neville are very experienced and although I was a little apprehensive to start with they soon put me at ease with their wealth of knowledge, expertise and patience in taking considerable time to explain each step in the treatment process.”

Dhruv Jog
“Living in Tanzania all my life, i never had access to the right quality of orthodontic care that i needed to correct my extremely pronounced upper teeth. It took just one visit to Dr Bass for them to do a detailed check up and suggest a method of treatment that addressed not only my physical distance from them (different continents!) but also the needs of my job which required me to be able to remove the correction device often when i was speaking in public. Over the next year and a half, and with no more than 4 physical visits to london, they fixed my teeth more than i could have ever imagined and gave me a smile that i am finally happy with! Both Dr Neville and Dr Anton Bass are exceptional dentists and human beings, and even as an adult going for a treatment that is usually reserved for younger individuals, i was always at home and comfortable. The entire team there is outstanding and any future generations of my family that need the same care will certainly be their patients!”

Paolo Mariani

“I have been a patient since I can remember and the level of service and expertise is second to none. They are such a professional yet warm team that always have your best interests at heart. If I want the best opinion and treatment they are my go to. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Sule Cairaschi

“What an amazing team! The results are fantastic.I first took my eldest son to Bass Orthodontics 3 years ago and they have transformed both his looks and his confidence.Everyone is so friendly and put my son at his ease immediately.I can honestly say that he did not find the experience in anyway disagreeable despite having significant work done.
My other sons now are having treatment and they even attend the appointments on their own so comfortable are they with the staff.
I am grateful to Neville and Anton Bass and their superb team for the work they have done which will last my children a lifetime.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Saqib Sheikh

“I have been a patient for over 15 years with Bass Orthodontics. The staff are extremely kind and friendly. Joan in particular has been there as long as I can remember and she always makes an extra effort to help in any way possible. Both Dr Bass’ are extremely professional and excellent at their work. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my orthodontics! They have a huge range of treatment options to suit your preferences and desired outcomes. Highly recommended!”

Francesca Alster

“The Bass team manage to make even the dentist a pain free trip. Our whole family has been treated here and feel very at home. We have yet to let go; aftercare is on point and too good to leave. Big fans.”

Henrietta Esiri

“I had my orthodontic treatment as a fiftieth birthday present to myself. The treatment I had had as a child had not worked well and my teeth were moving over time. My smile was crooked and I usually smiled with my mouth closed. Once I arrived at Bass Orthodontics I felt immediately optimistic that my teeth would emerge straight at last. It has been a great journey. I could never have believed the relaxing effect of straightening my smile. My whole face feels aligned. My face muscles are relaxed. My smile is great and my confidence has improved. I would recommend this practice to anyone to improve their wellbeing. The team are expert, warm and professional. Thank you Bass Orthodontics!”

Sally Brunner

“Bass Orthodontics is a very special place. The team are incredibly kind and welcoming and really put children at ease so having a brace seems like a perfectly natural thing to be doing. They also manage to get across the importance of wearing and looking after your brace to the kids which they just accept and get on with. As a child I was a patient there and still get comments on how nice my teeth are. Now my children see Mr Bass senior and junior with fantastic results. I really can’t recommend this clinic highly enough.”

Anne Lueneburger

“We had a complicated case of teeth in the family and I believe only a few doctors could have addressed that properly. Dr. Bass was kind, patient, and competent – what else can you ask for? Oh, and his team is really helpful and accommodating – including 10 pm emails when necessary. :-)”
Shegoj Oje
“Bass Orthodontics is a fantastic place. The staff are enthusiastic, friendly and genuinely caring, not least Joan and Alba. I have enjoyed great care under Dr Bass. He is calm, highly skilled and patient. I will recommend the practice to anyone who is looking for quality service with first class overall experience. Highly recommended.”

Oliver Shasha

“My sister and I have both bass orthodontics for our orthodontic treatment and our experiences have been excellent. The staff are incredibly friendly, explaining every stage of the treatment and follow up all requests very swiftly. I could not recommend them more highly.”

Jasmine Mondesir

“Bass Orthodontics has always felt like a second home. The staff are excellent and meticulous, from the beginning of my treatment plan to the semi-annual check ups, over five years later. A brilliant service that I have recommended to several others, and will continue to do so. Thank you for a brilliant smile!”

Hester Blomfield-Smith

“Bass Orthodonitcs have given me the best dentist treatment I could have wished for, they literally, over many years have created my new smile, and I will be forever grateful. The staff are friendly and kind and compassionate. Dr Bass is a genius- if you need any dental treatment these are truly the best people to go to!”

Henrietta Hearn

“Four young Hearn’s ventured through the doors of Queen Anne Street with smiles that needed some help. All four finished their treatment with the best of smiles that will last a life time. Thank you to all the team, professional, persevering and polite. I can not recommend Bass Orthodontics more highly.”

Aba M

“The Bass team have been fantastic. Their service is highly professional. My daughter’s teeth have been straightened and her smile looks beautiful. The staff are warm and very kind. I would strongly recommend Bass Orthodontics.”

Jeremy Baxter

“The entire Bass team have been a godsend to our family over the last couple of years. They really are so professional and caring, and always so accommodating. We’ve been delighted with the results for our two girls and will soon be embarking on a treatment plan for our son too. Thank you to all at Bass Orthodontics!”

Jon Cahn

“The whole practice is run very professionally and I never doubted i was in good hands. I really recommend going to see The Bass’ for any orthodontic work.”

Wolf Gillespie

“Great place, couldn’t more highly recommend it. We’ve been patients of Neville for 9 years. He has worked miracles with all the family – when I saw the great dental work on my sons, I decided to become a patient myself. “

Daniel Swann

“Experienced family run business with a kind and professional attitude. They are also quick to respond and help if any problems arise along the treatment course.”
Mollie C
“I’ve been a patient for years and the service has always been second to none. The staff are incredibly friendly, caring and efficient, and have made the experience totally stress-free. I’m extremely happy with my smile!”

Alex London

“I think you provide a superb and very expert service and have done for many years. Brilliant staff and a very professional but relaxing atmosphere. All the procedures were performed with great skill and all treatments worked brilliantly for me and all my family.”

Tamar Lang
“I had the worst teeth ever, and now I have the best smile. The service is amazing, and the staff are so friendly and professional! You’ll be in good hands, I highly recommend.”

Fiona Mallin
“My daughter has just finished her treatment at Bass Orthodontics and we are delighted with the result. The friendly and professional staff have made the process as easy as possible and I would happily recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their smile.”

Rochelle Mondesir
“The whole team at Bass Orthodontics are extremely professional and welcoming. They ensured that I understood the whole process and felt comfortable throughout. I felt very confident in the expertise of both of the Doctors and had fantastic results. I would definitely recommend this practice.”

Marek Bilinski
“Our experience at Bass Orthodontics over many years has been truly exceptional. The quality of all the staff and their professionalism is beyond reproach . We started our treatments when there was only one Mr Bass now there are two which we are glad to say that the family tradition of excellence has been passed on. Many thanks to your practice and the tremendous results that have been achieved.”

Jake Bernstein
2These guys have looked after me since I was 13. I had serious work done to get my front teeth under control. They look massively better now. Thanks so much to Dr Bass Sr and Jr, and to Joan. Would recommend to anyone.2

Amelia Nayar
“Bass Orthodontists have been fantastic, the staff are warm and welcoming and the treatment has been amazing. My daughters teeth and jaw have been totally transformed giving her straighter teeth and a broader smile. Very pleased.”

James Both
“Before today I hadn’t been since 2002. Excellent friendly service then and still the same excellent friendly service now. Recommend highly.”

Aron Lipschitz
“We are amazed how much love and care we received! We would recommend it to everyone! Thank you so much!”

Emma Freud
“This is such an excellent father/son business. A really thoughtful, kind, thorough, personal service. Lovely premises, wonderful nurses, and they are so good at what they do. Entirely happy.”

Ronelle Lang
“The best orthodontists in London! My smile is perfect thanks to the professional, friendly and all-round amazing team!”

James Thomas

“The Bass team have been fabulous and we are now embarking on treatment for our third child. We have been delighted with the service and results.”

Edward Brunner

“I had an amazing experience here with great staff. Better than another one my friend went to where it took two years for a single appointment to happen.”

Daniel Green

“I have recently gone back to Bass as an adult, following treatment as child nearly 17 years ago – transforming my smile so i have always been proud of my teeth! The staff and both Dr Bass’ are as friendly and brilliant as they were when I was a child, and I would recommend the practice to everyone.”

Sam Radclyffe

“Love them! Simply the best. Always so friendly year after year.”

Faye Woodcock

“I’ve been a patient for six years, and I’m consistently impressed with their service and the results!”

Axinya Lambina

“Amazing orthodontist – love my teeth after treatment here.”

Kate Dale

“We have loved our Bass experience – all 5 in the family have had one or more of the following…fixed braces/Invisalign/retainers with GREAT results! Thank you!”

Kelly Garfield

“A great Orthodontics that i have known for so long and i am very proud and happy to be looked after by them.”

Eva Spithout

“Amazing to go to! Definitaly recomend it.”

Cindy Crannell

“Both of my daughter were patients and we had an outstanding experience.”

G. Ch

“My two daughters and my son got the Great results from treatment”

Laila S

“Staff are lovely, lots of things to keep you occupyed, movies, news, etc.”

Nick Jackson

“Great professional service from the second I walked in to the end of my treatment. There has never been an appointment, conversation, phone call, anything where I didn’t feel like Dr. Bass & his associates treated me with uptmost care & concern. One thing that really stood to out to me is the genuine personal relationship and positive energy I get everytime. If your in search for an orthodontist you can stop searching here this is the best it gets. As far as correcting my teeth they look flawless, Dr. Bass is very skilled at what he does and will do his best to set you on the best track to a beautiful smile.”

Flora Hutchings

“A five star rating doesn’t quite do Neville Bass justice. The whole experience was wonderful, and I am very thankful to everyone at Bass Orthodontics for helping me smile with confidence. When I go back for treatment every once in a while now, the place fills me with happy memories. Most importantly, I am still utterly thrilled with my smile a decade on!

I hope to bring my children here one day. 110 per cent all round :)”


“Amazing staff and great results.”

Charlotte Hilton

“If I could give Dr. Bass and all his team 10 stars I would. As a patient of Dr. Bass for well over a decade, I can say that this is first class treatment like no other. You will get the smile of your dreams, and you’ll laugh a lot along the way. The entire team here are beyond friendly, and have become like family to me and the rest of my own family members who have been through Dr. Bass’s doors over the years. I love coming back to see old familiar faces who remind of so many happy appointments here 🙂 Hands down, best orthodontist (and best movies whilst you’re being treated) in London, and probably the world.”

Cameron Nicoll

“Having been a patient of Dr. Bass for more than a decade, I can say that I am delighted with the outcome. I’ve always felt happy to come to the orthodontist, imagine that.
Thanks very much to the whole team!”

Helga Tavares


I used to be terrified of dentist. and always avoided them since i was young.
since 2002 i have been visiting many orthodontist and lost huge amount of money in consultations with people i had no trust or faith in their work.
I LOST the courage with so many bad experiences.

when i become 30 years old i decided that i was no longer going to avoid smiling. i decide to visit another dentist who offered free consultation and so glad he was honest and told me that the best person for the job was to see, DR. N. Bass .
He told me to trust him ,that he was the best in the field.

I have to say he was RIGHT ..
Both Doctors : Neville & Anton ARE AMAZING.

I went in for my first consultation, the atmosphere at the clinic was great and service is more than 5 star.
as i was not 100% sure went in for another talk and they were easy, explained all, reasured me that everything would be ok. they gave me time to think and whenever i was ready to proceed with the treatment>


THE STAFF ARE EXCELLENT always make me feel home when i come for any appointment.

Thank you Bass Orthodontics team for such great care.”

Buttons Petal

“I’ve been coming here as long as I remember and have always had very happy experiences here. Everyone is very warm and welcoming and can’t thank you all enough for my smile!!”

Harriet Symons

“Amazing orthodontist, everyone’s lovely and my teeth look great. Wouldn’t have gone anywhere else.”

Chris Ryman

“Always fun and professional.
Every member of the team makes you feel comfortable and well informed.
I had a big procedure done to straighten up my teeth and close the gaps…I didn’t think it was possible but within 6 months the results were incredibly pleasing.
Every check up at BASS ORTHODONTICS is a reassured pleasure.
There good people and your definitely in safe hands.”

Joshua Dreyfuss

“There is a reason as to why my whole family have been here!! Dr’s Bass are the best orthodontists in London. The whole team here are fantastic. If you want a perfect smile, I would strongly recommend Bass Orthodontics!”

William Hilton

“Dr Bass has performed magic over the years on my teeth, transforming me from a goofy teenager into smart and respectable looking young gentleman. Would recommend Dr Bass to anyone and everyone! Thanks for all the hard work!”

Rajani Benz

“The personalised, professional attention we received from our very first consultation all the way through to the exciting finale has left us with the knowledge that we have been to the very best! The cutting edge technology, wonderful staff and superb customer made the whole experience so wonderful… and I am grateful every time I look in the mirror and smile! Thank you so much for achieving the perfection I desired! :)”


“Bass Orthodontics are excellent. They have compassionate staff and offer patients many options for treatment.”

Miriam Lipman

“Our family has been with Bass Orthodontics for many, many years now and we have always enjoyed visiting the surgery and have had beautiful results on both of my daughters!”

Dani VA

“My experience at Bass has been amazing as they have transformed my smile. I’m so happy with my results.”

Otto Godwin

“Started 12 years ago and truly amazed by the fantastic transformation. For anyone considering orthodontics, this is the place to do it!
Thank you so much :)”

Madeleine Kolaja

“Everyone is always so warm and friendly! I have been going here for three years, and every visit has been easy and stress-free! I am so happy with the results!”

Karina Ishikawa

“I had a fantastic treatment in which I got my canine looking like my front tooth and everything being moved to make it look normal again after an unfortunate accident with one of my adult front tooth. After 3 years with braces, now everything looks perfect just like it used to be before the accident! Bass Orthodontics has given me a wonderful smile!”

Juno Brennan

“Everyone at Bass orthodontics were extremely friendly and helpful every time I went in for a check-up or wire change. After nearly two years, my braces came off today and my teeth look fantastic ( a definite change from my previous teeth arrangement!).”

David Barreto

“I came here as a small boy had forgotten the state of my bite when I came here! I have a smile I can be confident about all thanks Dr Bass and the very friendly team. I am very thankful .”

Mariana Spears

“When it comes to dealing in smiles, Bass Orthodontics certainly knows a thing or two. The whole team is highly competent and responsive, from the moment of first contact through to all subsequent interaction. 5-Star smiles all round thanks to Drs Neville and Anton Bass, the wonderful dental nurses and charming receptionists!”

Megan Sager

“Have provided a great service for over 8 years now with super friendly staff and a great environment!”

Nicholas Bryan

“Thank you very much Dr Bass! Brilliant support all the way through my time with you. Will definately recommend!”

Natalie Lang

“Going to Bass Orthodontics has always been a wonderful and pleasurable experience. The staff are extremely professional and so lovely, and of course my teeth look great! Thank you Dr Bass for giving me a beautiful smile :). “

Annie Youngman

“Very nice and caring people who make you laugh! :)”

Freya Evans

“I have had my teeth very professionally straightened and have been happy with them for the last 3 years, not only is the service amazing but you couldn’t ask for nicer or more helpful staff.”

Dru Corfield

“Thank you very much Dr. Bass for a confident smile! Everyone involved couldn’t have been more friendly and helpful.”

Tere Darby

“10yrs ago I was referred to Dr. Bass .
He straightened my teeth, changed my smile , and made me once again feel confident about myself.
After all these years, he still looks after my teeth and I still smile with confidence.”

Kerri Holmes

“I can’t speak highly enough of Bass Orthodontics. With a mixture of professionalism, expertise, state of the art equipment and knowledge and a friendly team, im safe in the knowledge that my smile is on its way to being red carpet ready! The kids are already signed up ready for when they come of age. Thank you always.”

Yasmin Gershon

“Very good experience everyone was a nice as ever, great to see everyone smiling.”

Jahan Sahni

“Dream team Dr. Bass and Dr. Bass bring brilliant smiles all around. Thank you for the help! :)”

Darcy Hill

“Have been coming for years and everyone has always looked after me! Thanks for my lovely smile.”

Rebecca Chesworth

“This swish dental surgery is packed fully of friendly, helpful staff. My son has enjoyed great treatment at the hands of true professionals. Thank you.”

Max V

“The people are very nice and supportive. I get lots of good infomation. Very happy with service.”

Jennifer Landesberg

“The best orthodontist there is! Been coming here for 8 years and they are always so nice.”

Enrico Fontalva

“The crew helped me a lot, and they have always understood my needs and helped me get through my problems. they are all very good at what they do and in case of any emergency they are always ready to help.”

Isaac Peltz

“Great service over many years of going – staff always friendly”

Roz Benz

“Awesome team!! Have known NB for 23 years very knowledgeable and highly experience in creating “SMILES” for life……
JM :)”

Esme Montgomery

“All the people at Bass Orthodontics are not only hardworking and committed to fixing your teeth, but also kind. I had a great experience and I love my new smile!”

Noah Hal

“Really great orthodontists!
They know exactly what needs to be done and how to achieve it, with excellent results.”

Ruby Ella

“Very good treatments and overall very good.”

Sophie Bernheim

“Very professional as well as incredibly friendly and welcoming. Thank you Dr Bass and the team!!!”

Carina Williams

“I received great treatment from Bass Orthodontics, and am really pleased with how my teeth look now!”

Rosie Hayward

“Always so friendly and give a perfect smile!”

Ben Zelouf

“Very good and efficient service, pleased with results.”

Eva Merlino

“Bass Orthodontist is phenomenal and has fantastic results!!”

Jo Steingold

“Amazing service over 20 years and amazing results!”

Doctor Anthony

“I am happy with the end results.”

Laura Compton

“Great treatment!”

Natalia C.

“Dr Bass and his team (including Dr. Bass Jr) are professional, warm, thorough and kind. No one could have done a better job, thank you for making me beautiful.”

Alice D

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the years! My teeth are amazing thanks to you.”

Dr F

“Nice to be treated by someone who is a leader in his field; I knew I would get the best possible results for my teeth and age”

Max S.

“Very happy! Proud to smile!”

Max S’ parents 

“Absolutely delighted with Max’s results!!! We think he looks like a movie star!! Thank you Dr Bass and all your lovely caring staff who helped encourage Max through the various stages”

Isabella T.

“Thank you very much for my smile! I love it! Those two years were well worth it!”

Isabella T’s mother

“I only have very good comments and am thrilled with the results, so is Isabella. Thank you very much.”-

Henry S.

“Your dental staff, especially Joan, were always very helpful and pleasant. The only downside for us was the traveling into London and the time Henry had to take off from school, however this was all worthwhile as Henry has ended up with a beautiful smile. Thank you all for your hard work!”

Nathalie S.

“Excellent professional service through out. All staff courteous, professional, efficient. Very unusual to see this in a practice, well done!”

Rebecca D.

“Extremely pleasant and friendly staff. Excellent explanation of treatment and dental care during treatment. Very nice waiting room.”

Rosie O’ H.

“The practice was always friendly and welcoming and the results are fantastic.”

Rosie O’H parents

“The pre-treatment explanation and computer images were very helpful. The staff were very good at reinforcing the need for good oral hygiene.”

Robert M.

“I am thrilled with the results! I always felt at ease due to the thoroughly professional service that was provided and it was definitely worth it.”