Bass Academy

Why join the Academy?

If we could show you a way to have healthier and happier patients would you be interested?

If we could show you how to recognise early malocclusion, then help those young patients of yours develop into dentally fit and attractive young adults, would that be useful to you?

We know that many dentists find the recognition of orthodontic malocclusion  in early child years difficult. However, our philosophy is to influence development and intercept the malocclusion rather than allow it to progress. In most cases, the earlier treatment is started for children as they grow into young adults, the better the facial appearance and occlusion, which ultimately looks good for the referring dentist.

Joining the Academy (which is free) will help you to help your patients, resulting in a more successful practice with a healthier and happier patient base.

What is the Academy?

It is a series of packaged PDF files which contain photos and descriptions of cases. These can be saved on your computer for permanent reference, or shared with colleagues.

How Does it Work?

Our intention is to provide you with an informative but easily digestible monthly Seminar, outlining our approach to Excellence in Orthodontic Therapy. Each email can easily be read in a lunch break or coffee break or saved for reading later at a convenient time.

What would happen if I joined for free?

You would be better able to recognise and help young patients with malocclusion. This will help them achieve a healthier smile at a time in their lives when they are more compliant, unlike orthodontic treatment for teenagers!

To start your FREE membership to the Bass Orthodontic Academy, simply enter your details in the form opposite and your first seminar will be sent to you immediately. The emails are sent monthly and you can unsubscribe any time by following the link at the end of each email. We’ll also protect your data and not share it with anyone, we promise!

How much is it?

This is a free service and comes at absolutely no risk or cost to you. Simply sign up opposite, then if you wish to no longer be a member simply hit the unsubscribe button at the end of each email