Length of Treatment
Treatment times range from just a few months to two years. On average, full treatment takes around 20 months, although less comprehensive treatment may be much quicker. A time estimate is based on experience of individuals with similar problems, normal growth and good co-operation.  We can only give a considered opinion about the length of the treatment, as all individuals are different.

Comfort and Convenience
At Bass Orthodontics, we use the latest braces and techniques, designed to reduce not only the time spent at each appointment, but also the overall length of the treatment. Our braces are specially designed for patient comfort and are amongst the smallest profile and subtle brackets available.

Indirect Bonding
The correct position of the brackets on each tooth is essential for successful treatment and in order to achieve this we use a technique known as “indirect bonding”. The brackets are firstly positioned on accurate models of the patients’ teeth, an index is made to hold the brackets securely and this is then transferred to the patients’ actual teeth. After setting with a special light activated adhesive, the index is removed, leaving the brackets firmly in place. This allows for very accurate placement of the brackets and, because most of the preparatory work is carried out in the laboratory, significantly reduces the length of the visit needed for this critical procedure.

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